We Call For the Water

Pemberly Shores Revisited - Catch of Driftwood
We Call For the Water
by Michael Doyle

The outside world focuses on the forgiving
At best, if at all, and not the giving
As we link arms serving on behalf of the joy
From day one, this was God's intention to deploy

As babe was born poor and in a lonely manger
The angels appeared as friends, not strangers
Bring with them, good news for all the people
Not just the Pharisees abiding in God's temple

As sheep and shepherds stood, they quietly shivered
The first joy of Christ was gracefully delivered
Every day of life, we unpack the greatest gift
It's the love of Christ that has healed our rift

Through Christ, God gave of Himself to all of us
It is through His grace and love given just because
There is no sort of program or thinker's philosophy
Love is our victory and the whole of our theology

There is nothing else that can quite please us
Quite the way that serving our Lord Jesus does
We need to let the words of the savior wash us clean
That with the Holy Spirit, we might come to discern

We live as branches of the fruitful vine
We keep the path of love by heeding the divine
We are mandated to keep to loving each other
In all that we do, we are commended to love one another

This in short, is the mic-dropping moment
In its release from Hell's unholy torment
There is a restlessness that arises in ignorance
And when we understand, it is spiritual deliverance

It is a homesickness coming from our drifting away
As we struggle through the bits of our day-to-day
We take on the callousness of barren theology
As we edge out God into the abyss of base spirituality

Like driftwood lost, decaying on a sandy beach
We call for the water, but it remains out of reach
The wonder of it all is just how very odd
It is that some try to find a part of God away from God

It's true, you know, that like the worst dancer
That we find our pride eats away like spiritual cancer
It's the sort of a thing that costs us everything
Edging God out and leaving us in our empty nothing

The wisest know that without God, we are truly lost
In our quest for righteous perfection is the cost
We remain the most righteous in keeping connection
Obtaining God's desires by living in His direction

Giving the right thing is found in learning to refrain
Our rewards come pouring in when we lean against the grain
Or, as it turns out, it is exactly that which we cave to
That we soon become the worse kind of malnourished slave to

How, then, do we best learn to live and to remain
It is a constant struggle to remember and retain
The best of life is through learning right application
Of those things which come to us in our Godly relations

Because of this, we must constantly strive and retrain
And in doing so and keeping in condition that we remain
We do this by carrying God's Word in hearts ever forward
This then is the righteous path of God moving ever toward

By allowing God to remove all of sin's crimson stain
It is the last step of learning to faithfully remain
Within the grace needed that sufficiently places
Us all, in the best of God's love, it is our love God embraces

(c) December 6, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Driftwood Presents - Kingdom hearts -Ancient Wounds of A Darkened Heart

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