Jack Frost (On the Window Pane)

Snowy Monverdun 202
Jack Frost (On the Window Pane)
by Michael Doyle

Annually, we celebrate Groundhog's Day
Hoping for winter's passing and spring on the way
Every year the reclusive groundhog and his shadow
Comes out to reveal which way it's bound to go

With chestnuts roasting on that open fire
We warm ourselves as Jack Frost quietly conspires
All in the name of some more groundhog shut-eye
And every child's delight becomes a wistful sigh

Looking out through the frosted pane out on the snow
There are the winter skies, often colored with blinding blue
There the woodland creatures play on grounds of winter's glow
While the children stay inside warm by the fire's flow

The sun in the sky is playing a game of hide and seek
Dancing between the clouds as it dashes and it peeks
Somewhere between the smiles and the happy tears
Jack Frost cannot be seen, yet somehow magically appears

Everywhere the howling wind whisper, and it blows
Jack Frost is out there spreading winter as he goes
There in the icy traces that linger as he leaves them behind
Jack Frost leaves his calling card, keeping himself on our minds

Hiding behind the snowman, he peeps happily around
And with a wave, a lace of powdery snow hits the ground
Holding onto the best of winter's passing memory
As children of all ages sing and dance in revelry

Winter's shiver is kept out by the warmth of mittens
And smiles are kept on faces by Christmas's newborn kittens
It's the warmth of hearts that keeps out the bite of cold
The smiles and laughter will keep Jack Frost's tales always told

(c) December 9, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
80Days - O HOLY NIGHT - Noel  Bridge

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