Ode To A Tipsy Fairy

Laps de Reves - A Floating Fairy
Ode To A Tipsy Fairy
by Michael Doyle

After 40 hours locked inside the slave mind
It will take three pints just to leave it behind
Answers needed can't be found without right questions
The urgency felt is constrained by life's hesitations

Fundamentally sought within my metallic roots
My mind slips back to when fairies wore boots
Still, I sipped at the pub from yet another bottle
You've gotta believe, the fairy and I lived full throttle

Slip-sliding across the cobble-stone pathway
The barefoot fairy danced across the break of day
Her every move in those barefoot steps she takes
Whispered to me of sailing ships across mystic lakes

She made me smile with how parents were giving bath
To their baby daughter, who with a splash laughs
Giving birth to the first fairies full and bright
Who passed into the world to make everything all right

Subtly, she waves to her invisible friends in the hedges
As glitters of light shine from the start of tomorrow's edges
While she topples onto her bottom with a smiling quiet glow
From the bottom of the bottle for which she was last to know

A fairy drank with me as I listened to her sing to end of night
Which faded away with the coming of that next day's morning light
I would have dreamed her into reality if that could be made
But I woke alone again today, seeking an explanation I am afraid

(c) December 10, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Written at the request of my friend, Dan, based on six photos that were his evidence that fairies were real and drank… 😉

Enchanted Fantasy Fall - Faded Fairy Tale On A Woodland Walk

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