A Victory of Joy

Winter Wonderland 2022
A Victory of Joy
by Michael Doyle

Jesus is the focus of joy in relationship
He is the purpose of and for our worship
This is the blessing we're receiving
And it all begins with our believing

Faith is the thing needed to nurture
As it is the best path for our future
No one comes to God but through this path
The slippery slope is as fuzzy as new math

Atheism is impressive in ignoring God's imprint
All the broken paradigms missing what is heaven sent
Belief brings the powerful to our days
And shapes our lives in multiple sorts of ways

Like Peter in his vapid times of open skepticism
We bump into the truth through a glaze of optimism
Shaping our living hope through earnest praises
That are locally grown through the disciples' graces

Hijacked language becomes something redefined
Until it is diluted into good vibes singularly underlined
We must remain confident in our every moment
In joyful anticipation and not in any sense of diffidence

Conformed in every moment, we live the wonder years
That come to us all in the laughter and the tears
In the end, we survive our days of wounding persecution
Lived through unto the end of our holiest of salvation

Whatever comes in life that brings us daily stresses
Might best be thought of rethought of our best blessings
Problems can be many with all that we often go through
But it's best to keep our eyes on the promises come true

In this living trust fund of joy that we inherit
It's the bearable unbearable that we truly merit
Love becomes known without lingering hesitation
When you no longer live with unanswerable questions

Suffering and joy work together always hand-in-hand
It's like the giving of birth, a mother stands
Our lives become the joy that announce God's glory
This is the simple truth of our complicated story

We have won our final victory over the death
Found in the reality until our last breaths
This then is where we find our way to happiness
And the joy that brings our honesty and our bliss

(c) December 11, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Echo Ridge - Wished on Winter's Falling Stars

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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