In the Focus and Calm (Are Moments of Truth)

Raven Craig Art Center-Invoking Peace and Focus Prior To Going Back To Studies
In the Focus and Calm (Are Moments of Truth)
by Michael Doyle

There in the focus and calm
Is a remembrance of who you are
It comes back like a twist of balm
That you reach for, no matter how far

Once this fortress has been breached
And the strength of fortitude has been reached
You are taught who to pretend to be
In this conspiracy of illusions that passes for reality

Mirror, mirror on that jaded, faded wall
Who then is really in control of this all
Alone and outnumbered, we make our stands
We are born to bring this crashing down to the last man

It is where we are going and where we are from
The questions that ring that leave us feeling numb
Each of us is searching for a place we can call home
Somewhere outside the cage of this thunder's dome

Someone lies that help is surely on the way
But when it comes down to it, it's up to us to save the day
The city's desperation flows across graffiti walls
Where somewhere beyond the loneliness, courage still calls

(c) December 15, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Ravenport Reclaimed 2022 - Monomyth: Earth Day 2022

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