Jack’s Winter Glory

Echo Ridge - Snow Goose
Jack's Winter Glory
by Michael Doyle

Once upon a winter's snowflake
There was a Christmas wish to make
There in that distant time and place
There was magic for all to embrace

As tyranny suppressed simple peasants
Until they could not afford Christmas presents
The czar took every fraction of every penny
Each coin was seized from those who once had plenty

It was there on the late fall's chilled breeze
That there was a sound that would please
Announcing Jack Frost would soon come to arrive
Bringing his joy to all who managed to survive

With a tinkle of bells and a magical sound
Jack began leaving traces of his love on the ground
Ice frozen in place in overflowing fountains
To be sliced into ice coins, spent between the mountains

There in the countryside dusted in white flowing snow
It brought its own smiles for all to live and know
Painted like a wonderland of richest imagination
Sometimes that's the only joy in a downtrodden nation

Love it seems can bring the best blend of daydreams
As Christmas approaches stitched up between the seams
It's in these worst of times that magic is most needed
It warms the heart of the young and should be heeded

As wonderful as it is to play within one's mind
It can still be lonely in the being of one of a kind
This is the worst of the truth of Jack Frost's story
With the snowstorms come winter's truest glory

(c) December 16, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Echo Ridge

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