In Great Expectation

A Who-Christmas 2022 - The Grinch
In Great Expectation
by Michael Doyle

Joy is conceived in every season
God's miracles rise without reason
Giving birth of great expectation
We must rejoice without exception

Meant as an ask fully requesting
We want to know what we're expecting
Though at times it feels we're drifting
We keep right attitude in our shifting

All in the name of the good that grows
Into all the good only God truly knows
We are preparing for our ending revelation
All that's coming and awaits good explanation

I say this with the greatest reverence
All God's changes bring the difference
Without closing our paths to tomorrow
We know our joy will someday replace sorrow

God's calling is different for us all
Leading us through sorrow to joy we'll recall
Each of us used for God's purposes every way
It is worth the price paid in these passing days

Christ endured the pain of the rugged cross
So that all of us would gain through this loss
Every step holds life in parallel production
That comes to each of us without introduction

Every finish come from God's chosen beginning
We must preserve, stay the course, and keep winning
Whatever the troubles to come, we need to keep steady
With every step, we get the help as we're ready

Into our spirit we receive God's holy seal
Delivered as it is and knowing that it is real
Closing our eyes in devotion to deepest prayer
Knowing our God is and will always be there

In our moments of patience and in open discernment
We seek after questions and God's holy encouragement
To receive the address that will bring us true joy
God only waits for us to gracefully assent and deploy

(c) December 20, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022 - Royal Stag

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