The Coming Year (2023)

A Quiet's Contemplation
The Coming Year (2023)
by Michael Doyle

Told from the tallest mountains
Yet kept within my mainframes
I will shout, "Jesus!", and maintain
My sustenance is found in His holy name

Truth spoken in a quiet tone of reverence
We are bound inseparable by the difference
Of the how that God responds to us, each and everyone
Meeting present and future, leaving past as done

With love and hope for the new year just begun
For all the dreams we have that have yet to be won
By our faith and works, our strength will be known
In all the wonders that will yet come to be shown

Ratcheting up to the next level of needed explanation
We focus on things fuzzy and sometimes untenable
It pays to know all of the available tools
Such as prayer and fasting that make the wise out of fools

There was something different in how Jesus prayed
Lessons in word and deed that were always well-played
Prayer is best a first response, not a last resort
As we are brought to our limits, as we make our report

Starting our day in our faith for what will come
Living each moment forward in the name of the kingdom
Our prayers are to treat God as our God leaned on
It's theology experienced as life continues rolling on

For each of us to truly come to understand the final why
It is up to each disciple to do these things and apply
All that we need to think on as to what needs laid down
In order to live God's will and wear sweet victory's crown

Reconnecting in becoming Godly and duly reconnected
This generation needs to heed this and stand corrected
In the littleness of our faith unlike that in a mustard seed
That finds us clinging to the faith which all of us need

Turning to God in prayer builds our best true relationship
It is prayer's connection that is the best intentional worship
Living out faith in His presence, we reside in our commitment
This is the better church that leads to our contentment

(c) January 3, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022 - Royal Stag

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