Mountain Top Revelations

London 1914-1918
Mountain Top Revelations
by Michael Doyle

Unknown mountain tops to explore
Is an answer and a prayer for the more
That comes from a world knowing less
Is actually more, the function search of a guess

As if there is still a peak yet to exist
It would be where the human soul can persist
In most being itself and not a duplicate
Where people wish for self while living in replicate

The answers that others have given
But believe they are themselves, needs to be forgiven
Like Hobbits who never venture beyond the shire
Yet babble on endlessly until they eventually tire

Those who make us believe should be deified
When it is ourselves they say who are rarified
Would it be boring or enough to live on the forever
In which we are smiling or thinking ourselves clever

With a laugh, we wish we could simply disappear
To some place, any place, other than being here
Lies spread themselves ever corrupting the soul
It is the quiet spaces that allow up back to self-control

High on a mountain top where I can at last be me
Is sometimes, it seems, the only place left to be
With the outside world searching for freedom's shout
Such questions are only for those living within doubt

(c) January 6, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Mountain - Winter Dance

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