Imagine Love, Live Love

Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter 2022 -The Warmth of Love (Keeps Out the Chill)
Imagine Love, Live Love
by Michael Doyle

Imagine all love if you would
All His Love, if you only could
Imagine if you can Heaven's place
Where God's kingdom, we could embrace

Parables are stories with heavenly meaning
To learn kernels of truth for every human being
Where any and every platform spreads the story
Called out in all of its beautiful glory

With ears of faith given that we might hear
No easy answers given, yet truth made clear
Positioned to explain the path to grow
Spilled out with intention that we might know

Hard truths should are best told in the softest ways
To be loved out in our full until our final days
Speaking without thought is not necessarily speaking true
All things should be said with intention to convey the view

It is up to our good soil to stake seed and understand
To take the space of love and follow God's good commands
Path, rocks, thorns, or potted into the best good soil
We who serve take the words of love and begin to toil

It is best to be sensitive to God's holy inspiration
And then live it out to complete our full transformation
Trampled under foot, step by step, we shape the path
That is, unless, our lives snap unable to do the Lord's math

Hidden words in heart are what act to prevent our sin
When we learn to walk life as if God is our truest friend
Walking through the stages that are too often filled with pain
We are allowed to blossom, triumph, and remove the stain

There will be miseries that all will have to work through
To the final forgiveness and that which we would not do
Walking the false parts, we find it very hard to forget
Life is meant to be loved, not to be lived with regret

In this world that's become little more than a victim's race
It is reach for empathy that we must feel and embrace
On Calvary's fatal cross, it was not something mistaken
To realize God loved us all that we will not end up forsaken

Before and above all things on Earth, it must be known
That the greatest love is that which God has shown
God has seen our travails as we lay under life's trampling
Until He turns this into the bounce of a His trampoline

(c) January 8, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Elvion - Starling On A Rail

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