A Parable of Treasure

Celestial Glade 2023 - A Bridged
A Parable of Treasure
by Michael Doyle

Life leads in a process of negotiation
Quick as we are to assign our valuation
The problem lies in our lack of accuracy
And that mistakes made become legendary

Assigned values can bring on heartache
Learning far too often from our mistakes
Since our values are often set far too low
Our decisions must be made to become slow

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure
We must be careful of the pearls we measure
Common understanding reached forward to wisdom
Telling the truth as we serve our holy kingdom

In our stories we live as do our best to reach
Depends on our journey had bee as to what we preach
Who are we in the Biblical story of great measure
It's the heartbeat of the gospel that we are the treasure

The true value of us all is found in the cross
The price paid for our salvation is no one's loss
But instead the beauty and peace brought to our souls
In a world filled with chaos spinning out of control

Each of us has been given the very highest of value
It is the recognition of this that rings out true
Imagine a world in which we with all we have lived through
Is it in having needed compassion that our kingdom grew

If you're looking; or if you're not; He's our salvation
Freely given as it is, it must be displayed before the nations
Imagine a place where salvation has the highest value
And we, as His people, live this example of what is truly true

Let's have the heartbeat to live in full integrity
Let this lasting treasure be the imprinted legacy
We live will live this unto our very last breath
Measured in terms of eternity that moves beyond death

(c) January 15, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Inspire Space Park

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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