We Then Move Past

Twisted Paradise 2023 - Clouds Ocver A Japanese Garden
We Then Move Past
by Michael Doyle

We then move past obstacles and blame
Not allowing ourselves to know shame
Standing above those things that give us shallow heart
These things such as jealousy from which we should depart

The barrenness that clogs up the pores of our souls
Scorched by the sun and by things out of our control
One by one we move, we shape, and we groom
To move past our obstacles that seek our doom

Leaning into God's principles, we understand the game
No longer willing to allow things to bring us shame
Managing the thorns of the crown of our priorities
Picking the weeds away from our lasting legacies

Pleasing God with changing our seasons in their place
Living faithfully with sharp mind in our traces
Taking cue not from culture but from God's holy ways
We are test driven as we live out our humanly days

Our days come at us all at the startling speed of life
Very little time allowed for peace but instead strife
We are led less by our eyes inside of those who are we
But instead we cave into the ways of a madcap society

We are manipulated, not by God's ways or blessed strategy
Falling to the pressures and not living patiently
It divides our hearts if we don't by the good said
Instead it percolates and brews inside our heads

We need to live instead by by our faithfulness
If we are to find our way to living out fruitfulness
Let there be no more hanging around square one
Instead, we must move on in the heavenly journey begun

Subtle whispers of life that is to lived in full engagement
Instead of tricked by the deceptions that lead to enragement
As our relationship with God matures until we appreciate
That the true sum of life is calculated to ingratiate

To the tune of better lessons we yet to learn and live
Smiling in gratitude at the pathway that God gives
The parable of the sower deals with our free will
By treading these lessons needed to fruitfully reveal

(c) January 20, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Elvion - Starling On A Rail

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