What Happens In Consequence

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What Happens In Consequence
by Michael Doyle

Church is best served in community
Worshipping the Lord as if a family
Life is best lived in love and appreciation
Spreading this wealth, generation to generation

We learn to live through our imagination
Living words in their vivid translation
Weaving messages into the lives we live
We live the truth as we love and forgive

Stretched in the wonder and the awe
God is bigger and better than our fall
Keeping our minds in focus through our eyes
We are greeted with the love we recognize

Put to the test, we are left with sighted eyes
Happy and blessed by each instance of surprise
Regardless, as it were, of our respective parentage
The ways of God are to be lived as our inheritance

Living our grace carefully tendered with mild mercy
While spoken words seek carefully to avoid heresy
We are put to life's tests that are steadily given
Living each day knowing that we are somehow forgiven

Evangelizing through the ways we live and that we act
We live our faith as if these are the important facts
That our lives should be lived out through God's love
Following the ways of God and as if in Heaven above

The words of God are processed in how it is we read
Interpreting as it is and were through our needs
In this rapid age lived, we have less need for information
That we do have the need to grow in our interpretation

How we think and why we startle when we dare to think
Is what defines the truth that brings us to the brink
Everyone is in need to stop a moment in our analysis
Or, this information age will lead us to moral paralysis

Loving the Lord God with our entire hearts and our souls
And applying this love to all within our simple control
Is how to live our lives as we act in rightful application
Allowing God's passion to grow into our fullest appreciation

We are driven and are more fully nurtured living under pressure
At least, that is, when we live up to our true Biblical measure
We struggle through this daily living along the Blood Way
Well traveled, slightly trembled, and mixed, we are saved this day

As Samaritans, we need then to burn until we fully empathize
Coming to our truest senses as we come to finally realize
That allowing ourselves to help others is to live to real need
There is no prohibiting love practiced we are to fulfill the read

Breaking into the splinters of our hearts as God wills us to do
Opening our eyes to see the grace given to me and to you
No one stands outside the sacrificing promises of grace
This living love is what it is that we are meant to truly embrace

Our shortcomings and offenses come to the end, finally stilled
As we live our lives has God has taught us in the Word revealed
Half empty, or half full is a pace of gravest consequence
And if we still have breath, we have life to live in reverence

Service brings us to our greatest part of significance
As we live our lives yet to be lived out in magnificence
We find our greatest sense of the flock's true purpose
As we, the church, live out our lives in dignified service

Thanking God for all that He has given us in shining grace
And loving the world so much that all heart will perhaps embrace
Giving ourselves in Jesus's mold with or fullest intention
We bring our best in giving our callings our sincere attention

(c) January 22, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Elysium at Silken Ropes II 2022

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