Thought For the Day: Once the Central Planners Are In Complete Control, You’re Just As Dead If They’re Accidentally Wrong As You Would Be If They Intended It

“The [World Economic Forum] want total power to address ‘crises.’ We must remember that throughout history, the worst crises faced by humanity — wars, famines, plagues, starvation, slavery, death on a widespread scale — were either caused by those in power or exacerbated by them. Those horrific results need not be motivated by malevolence; mere error can do as much damage. Tens of millions of Chinese people died in the famine that was caused by the policies in Chairman Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward.’ Once the central planners are in complete control, you’re just as dead if they’re accidentally wrong as you would be if they intended it.” – Laura Hollis

If you think the Great Reset is something from conspiracy theory: The Great Reset | World Economic Forum (

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