On Being A Prodigal

Highland Retreat 2023 -  A Goat Moment
On Being A Prodigal
by Michael Doyle

True stories bring such fascination
The church I live is a celebration
So encouraging to live with right intention
Being given in its right attention

The best sermons are those seen
Live out well by Christians being
Being that best that we are
And living large following the Christmas star

Blessed by that holy, sacred kiss
Can you make the room to imagine this
The promises of leading through epiphany
Our lives are made large by gifts of plenty

God opens our eyes to finally see
The purpose of life seen through clarity
Life lived with full sense of compassion
This then was and is God's truest passion

It's okay to offend the Pharisees
It's a case of theology versus ministry
Welcoming the worst to peace and dinner
Jesus turned the worst into winners

Without sin there is no need for grace
This is the case first we must embrace
Bringing others up by going after the one
Never assuming the worse, but that God's will be done

Acceptance and approval are not the same
But to serve correctly is not to blame
God repeats in order to slowly teach
The lost sheep that he wants to reach

The Father gave two sons everything
But sinning choices bring us to nothing
Only to become embraced once again with a kiss
To become alive again with noting to miss

We have a discernable habit of getting lost
Caught in webs spun at huge cost
Maybe all this is necessary to finally see
The path forward is in self-discovery

At our lowest level are the lessons taught
Even when not the necessarily those sought
All of life is given for truth's illumination
Audibly, well-read, and in need of best imagination

As prodigal children, we finally return home
And when we are apart, we were never really alone
Let's celebrate the joys that life willingly brings
And joined together, lift our voices as we sing

Once the same as dead, we are again found
Brought to the edge of cliff, to bring us around
The good we live, if judgmentally, is misbegotten
Compared to Jesus, we are like rags soon forgotten

Pharisees, Sadducees, then there's you and me
Let's never forget that love is our true theology
Our standards of goodness barely grasp at holiness
It is a true belief we teach while reaching for bliss

Like prodigals, we are part of God's blessed family
In a tale of our spared expense told in a homily
To become aware of the deep love we are born to live
Turning to one another and finally learning to forgive

(c) January 29, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Magical Kingdom 2023 -  Eternity  Of A Medieval Chapel

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