Taking Heed of Our Correction

The Pond - Forever Inside the Water Lilly

Ephesians 2:1-10

Taking Heed of Our Correction
by Michael Doyle

As believers we walk from sin
Learning to live true life again
God, in His richness has been kind
By this grace, we are not left behind

This blessing has been given as gift
To heal the breach between our rift
Now , it comes that we must rearrange
God asks to make this needed change

Sanctified and set apart in our direction
We walk purposeful in our true correction
Accepting the blessings of our life’s grace
In all of our fullness we blessedly embrace

We know that we are sinners, and that is past
It is not where our attention should ever last
There are three sorts of Christian category
That make up God’s struggling sense of family

Some of the family has made to it way to grace
With contented hearts and giving love to embrace
Some of the family has changes to still make
None of which are the type any of us can fake

Some of the family is lost with a constant craving
All of which needs to change and is not worth saving
Sometimes we need to leave the past for present
Leaving behind our mistakes to live God’s imprint

But with each change made we become more alive
Giving the moments of love and learning to forgive
Our good life as Christians is only by God’s grace
This is the truth that we must always carefully embrace

We stumble as we reach for all that we deserve
Living each step along the way that we serve
God has done this so that we might live for His glory
Living righteously for the bragging rights of this story

(c) January 29, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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