Giving Is A Heart Matter

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Giving Is A Heart Matter
by Michael Doyle

Church can be satisfying and fun
With all of God's delights to be done
Leaning in for the moments of development
Worship done properly leads to contentment

Unified and faith-filled the church leads
To spiritual sanctification and Godly deeds
Life should be about growing as community
This is how God processes all in the family

When His pastors remain silent to conditions
It's not something polite but requires attention
That there is the need to be direct and live out
Put plainly, the charges for life must be called out

Generosity must be taught from a young age
If our children are to discern as if sages
That giving is natural and preordained as right
To nurture the garden grown from heaven's delight

This stewardship sowing is a gift of the heart
Being dutiful to God's guidance and to not depart
From the standards by which we are meant to live
It's a decision of the heart as to what to give

But what we give, must be given in gratitude
Not as a matter of remembering but with right attitude
Let's not forget to give as we have received
Living in God's freedom and not being deceived

Every one of us has so much to learn and know
In the paths driven by the seeds that we sow
Committed to God in all that we come to do
Surrendered in the good news of grace in you

We are strengthened in our daily commitment
By our blessed sanctification and our contentment
Living remarkedly in a perpetual state of grace
While serving abundantly within God's embrace

It is not something by which anyone can deceive
That it is more blessed to give than to receive
Life is meant to be filled by giving to reveal
This then is rested in the good grace of the tale

Generosity is the very best of love in action
Meant to be the difference that leads to satisfaction
On giving our very best in all we live and do
It is the love of God, impactful for the many and the few

(c) February 12, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Highland Retreat 2023 - Hearth In the Cottage

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