A Gentle Surrender To Greatness

Gentle Breezes -  Rusted Tower
A Gentle Surrender To Greatness
by Michael Doyle

While it's known that greed kills
It is also generosity that heals
There is no out giving God for giving
Starting with salvation and our forgiving

Trusting God with what's in our hands
Is the traced path that God commands
God's word as double-edged sword is prevalent
And as times come to pass, it remains relevant

Heroes of faith come out of almost nowhere
Like Elijah's legacy, the come from somewhere
Marked by God who hold us complete and steady
Until the need is there and the hero is ready

Bumping into God's words as we so often do
God speaks through the chosen but random few
At times softened hearts and open minds speak
To the listening ears of those who wisely seek

Taking God at His word builds our resilience
In an act of surrendering to this utter brilliance
Struggling at times in life but knowing it's not all
The home we need is revealed, we need simply recall

God acts for us best outside of our comfort zones
Bringing confronting questions in which we aren't alone
Faith burns and must come to shape and confront us
Before the same faith heals and comes to comfort us

It's down the road of faith that we become bold
Allowing the greatness of God to quietly unfold
In and through belief, god can make all right
The possibilities present bring blind to sight

Touches of God come to us through our obedience
Despite it all our experience does not breed impudence
The false gods formed by humanity do not compare
Is is the widow's pennies of faith that pay the fare

Taking us to the doorstep of tasting purest life
God comes to bring peace and wipe away strife
It is God's truth that pushes us toward something more
It makes our souls rich, no longer lost in being poor

It is obedience that bridges the gap from theology
To bring about the very best to our lived reality
Taken honestly at God's word, it bring our very best
And through this answers the questions of life's test

God the father is the provider who brings us together
To face the world with trust and make it so much better
This then is that gentlest of profound surrender
In gratitude our prayers are given, warm and tender

What is held to tightly in our hands as significance
Holds the keys unrecognized as of yet to magnificence
Living in His holy name, it is from there that we pray
And it is in our faith, we shall always stay

(c) February 19, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Worlds of the Nutcracker -Gentlemen's Club Chior

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