Thought For the Day: It Is Wrong To Rewrite or Diminish Writers …Because What They Wrote Might Offend (Or In All Honesty Might Speak Truth To) Modern Audiences

“There are no perfect humans. Every single one of us has done or will do something that will deeply offend someone else or not age well. This applies to historical figures as well as important thinkers and writers. Their ideas, stories, and legacies are not diminished because of an alleged ‘sin’ according to modern woke acolytes. The correct response is to take their good with the bad and critically think about their ideas in the context of their time. It is wrong to rewrite or diminish writers … because what they wrote might offend (or in all honesty might speak truth to) modern audiences.” – Emmy Griffin

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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