The Blessing of the Monarch Butterfly Journey

Wildwood Gardens -Monarch In Flight
The Blessing of the Monarch Butterfly Journey
by Michael Doyle

Long may it be that we keep this blessed memory
of what it means to take a 3000 mile journey
From Canada to the Oyamel forests in the Mexican nation
Reminding us that borders are man's habitation

Along the eastern and western paths of pollination
The monarchs bring life in reaching their destination
Overwintering so that they might take flight again
Black, orange, and white, the air is their domain

There is much mystery to the wonder of their orientation
As they fly overhead across mankind from nation to nation
Polarized light, perception, and light provide celestial cues
Using the sun's compass and keeping sight of mountain views

God's confetti spreads across this continent in celebration
Like the love they are, their beauty belongs to all nations
In the great cycle of life, this is the nature that nurtures
And through it all, we see hint of our own coming future

A living symbol of faith that shines through all transformation
A look of love that spoils richly without need for explanation
Crying out in birth, then in rebirth, one with all creation
Beauty carried out for all on the winds of every generation

Descending on the woods abundantly like a shower of crackled gold
These are the messengers of God that silently speak the story told
In metamorphosis shown through all of its many, varied phases
This journey shines brightly on the face of nature's pages

(c) February 24, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Kaliedscope - Monarch Education Project

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