The Get To of the Got To

Mimmo 2020 - A Coined Perspective
The Get To of the Got To
by Michael Doyle

Heroes of faith that give what they can
That's every woman and then every man
Daring to give what they are given
These cheerful hearts are those forgiven

Working the work of giving in light
Living open to God to truly live right
Open minds and hearts make for good health
That brings more open hearts and wealth

Open twenty four and seven in appreciation
This spiritual maturity passes into each generation
Open to the truth and God's ways
This truth lightens the load of our days

Embraced in its fullness and encouragement
We walk our walk in our fullest engagement
Everyone can give a little for that something
That builds dreams of hope from next to nothing

It's the eye contact given from His holy eyes
In its recognition given to our great surprise
As a father looks out for the best for His child
Giving love's mercy, given tender and mild

In the midst of chaos and its resultant confusion
We somehow manage to see beyond this world's illusions
Overflowing in joy, we live on despite our trials
The strongest people find their way to the smiles

Believers seem to suffer through somehow very well
This is the truth of faith told by our daily tales
Driven to giving past our believed in ability
We find the fabled path to our best capability

It is a privilege to serve beyond expectation
Above and beyond all anticipation
His followers exceed the expectancies of the test
By the will of God, we learn to live our best

There it is in that grace of traces of giving
We've found our way to learn the truest living
Giving in the development needed as we start to grow
Living to live beyond the edges of all that we know

Freed of pretense, into all that we can be and are
Our paths are defined by following that star
Our lives are given and are telling His tale
And in the end, our examples will bear out well

Our most telling moments are in our giving moments
Rising above our troubles and all of our torments
Separated and apart at the heart, we are called out
To be the better and love more beyond all doubt

The arc of human life, lived from cradle to grave
Bears the testimony that has come only to save
These generations carry the standards for all to see
Inspired by the heroes who have lived the history

May God always be invited to all the spaces of life
Be these the best of peace and even all of our strife
Entrusting in God's faith to somehow see us through
In every question and in all that we muddle, live, and do

The truth is that the better we are at giving
The better we are doing in our day-to-day living
I's a privilege of service given to us in grace
To live out each moment in God's holy embrace

God makes Himself present and in all aspects known
It becomes understandable in all that He has shown
As He reveals His depth as in fumbling exhortations
These blessings given in grace live to be our expectations

(c) February 26, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Young Lincoln and German Indiana 0522-232021

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