Wonderland Needed

Wonderland 2.0 -  A Fairy Tale's Path
Wonderland Needed (the Mad Hatter)
by Michael Doyle

When you clear your mind
Of all the clatter and voices
What's left behind, are the choices
In our unwilling to be left behind

As we find in this hide and seek
Much of the world is mass confusion
Until, that is, we dare to peek
Through the veils of our illusion

Alice in Wonderland needed the Mad Hatter
With her sips of tea from her cup of tea
Desperately playing games that matter
With fear and hope and a bit of sympathy

Alice in Wonderland needed the Mad Hatter
To share her dreams over a cup of tea
Desperately feeling her world shatter
Without a loving dose of sympathy

When the game ends as all games do
What will we have earnestly learned
Spread before us in a field of clues
Are the seeds of dignity we have earned

With the final card played, the game is done
In the end, it only matters how we've played
And in the end, only the true hearts have won
No matter how many dragons we have slayed

Alice in Wonderland needed the Mad Hatter
To share life over cups of benign tea
The outcome you see, doesn't really matter
It we'd only open our fearful hearts to see

Alice in Wonderland needed her Mad Hatter
To dream with over shared cups of tea
Conversations of the heart are what matter
To put these sordid matters delicately

Fireworks light up the nighttime's sky
Here in remembrance and celebration
And in the end there is no wonder why
Only to live and love in endless fascination

In the end, all we truly need is that love
Happy in what life will gladly give to us
Not trapped by the envy but freed from above
There's no other secret than just because

(c) March 1, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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