Open Heaven

Enchantment Nutcracker - The Great Gig In the Sky
Open Heaven
by Michael Doyle

Passed on from generation to generation
It's not just a statement about position
That despite the storms of a passing life
We are faithful through peace and strife

Everyone on earth can do our part
It's simply a matter of faith in our hearts
As we all remember cause we know
We all reap according to how we sow

Bound in our sacred and cheerful giving
We are blessed by the righteous we're living
Grace and generosity provide us more
This in the end is the finality of the score

Giving blessings through God, is a win, win, win
Our participation is where it truly begins
Blessing God by sharing the best of our treasure
By giving to others as needed without measure

We most allow Satan's illusions to deceive
It is more blessed to give than it is to receive
By getting to give it is the key to how we live
Having and living our faith in all that give

We must live as though we won't be idled
Unwilling to live self-centered nor entitled
Through faith we live our lives as we must
It is simply a matter of living fully in trust

Life is not merely a matter of cheap affluence
But stands outside that flowing to our influence
It is in truth the wise management of our outcomes
Lived out faithfully in the service of God's kingdom

A situational blessing shows in the living experience
To which we should all given with holy deference
All of that which is exponentially for our eternity
This then is our living out God's inherited legacy

Our open hands quietly clasped open heaven's gate
The Lord's prayer years to be lived beyond debate
It's given to us in promises of cherished confidence
And to be live out in its measure of our obedience

God uses the Church to shape the remains of this world
Leading through prayer and not battle flags unfurled
It is shown in all that live and in all that we do
We the privileged, the faithful, and the very few

(c) March 5, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Skye Neist Point 2022

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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