A Montage of Selective Outrage

Valmoor Harbor - - Freakshow at Dockside
A Selective Montage of Selective Outrage
by Michael Doyle

Have we finally got to the turn of the page
Living life cut by cut of selective outrage
It seems so, or at least I have this hunch
That a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch

We can do our best to never be offending
But who are we kidding? Or is it just pretending?
Triggered by words lack a punch as we simply say
We have to be careful of all the wolf traps at play

Everyone's scared looking for some safer space
Keeping all of our thoughts locked behind the face
Tweeting out woke tweets on slave made phones
It's a woke wash in the world of vapid clones

So many businesses pushing corporate social screed
Pretending their best that profit is not their need
Taking out preapproved stances that are rarely meant
While deceptively pretending products are heaven sent

In a misappropriation of passed out cross-cultural lies
We never find out that yoga pants do for our lazy thighs
Against -isms of every sort and speaking against all hate
$100 yoga pants are affordable to the poor when it's too late

Now even comedians are afraid to speak truth in their show
While the modern world is addicted to attention's flow
We used to want love but likes now breed more satisfaction
No thinking or feeling, as social media trolls for reaction

The world has evolved into something less than crass
Dying inside of attention, we've forgotten all class
Infamous and hate-filled, we call this out as glory
All to seek the feigned attention and become the story

Excellence has somehow fallen to the rank of number three
In this hit parade and takes work to reach for proficiency
It's easier to be a "victim" falsely acting out in drama
At the price of distracting from those who are really in trauma

Paper cuts are overflowing the space of the emergency room
And if this keeps up, all these victims will spell out our doom
The lowest common denominator has come to roost and to rule
When the king of rap takes us all as truants in his fatal school

(c) March 25, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Hazardous 2022 - The Rusted Trace of Memory

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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