One-To-One Hearted

Anyas Awakening - Stuck In the Cobwebs of My Mind
One-To-One Hearted
by Michael Doyle

There best belongs to be found
In the miss that comes around
Where nothing becomes the something
That brings the best of everything

So often we walk feeling perplexed
Unsure of how it all connects
But if we listen really hard
Our dreams show up like a wild card

At a distance we come to recognize
The truth of God before our very eyes
This despite the moments we must get through
Just to get ourselves to the point of get to

After every man's fall from God's grace
It's too often it's in the shame we embrace
We see ourselves seeking to cover the broken
That we are without any words needing spoken

Yet, God who knows us all the very best
Sees us as having somehow passed the test
We can stand by and believe in this toast
That Lord above forgives and loves us the most

Loving all humanity, His grace is sufficient
None of us are lacking. Nor are we deficient
Face-to-face with truth and having no disguise
The record is set straight with locked eyes

Thoughts of coming up short are counted mistakes
Lost up in our stumbles and all our heartbreaks
The Lord understands and offers His full grace
Knowing the more in store for us to embrace

Feeling lost without grace for debts of the past
We don't realize that these things don't last
It is our present that leads to fulfilling dreams
Filtered and nurtured for a future that seems

Stretched in our thinking and there's no mistaking
That the nets of faith will never be breaking
Spiritual maturity comes with patterns of deference
For the lessons learned deep in every experience

There are things of wisdom that we must come to know
Through God's strength as we begin to spiritually grow
This is the steps of path in our getting to started
At feeling the shaping of one-to-one hearted

Be helpful, don't even try to be perfect
Stay humble, don't always try to be correct
The fruits of our own labor have a good taste
And in them is a blessing that we must not waste

We are stronger than we allow ourselves to think
With God in our lives we take things to the brink
The Church is stronger than the challenges that come
We must simply have and keep our faith in the kingdom

(c) March 26, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Borkum - Don't Play With Fire In the Dark

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