Jurassically Mundane

King Kong's Skull Isand - Burnt Hope of the T-Rex
Jurassically Mundane
by Michael Doyle

Finally caving in I'm watching the show
With my daughters whispering clues to know
In hushed tones, I try not to be curt
As I insist on giving out my spoiler alert

A sense of wonder has left the building
But I still want nothing with revealing
That cynicism may brought the mundane
But I'm still curious about the story's chain

On the shoulders of genius it's best understood
That a fallen kingdom can lead to no one's good
Dinosaurs are in daffodils trampled under foot
With a velociraptor smile that is truly a beaut

There's nothing better than DNA's raw manipulation
Before the movie begins you can guess its destination
Like an empty vessel sinking before from vapid trust
The movie's plot is really corporate greed gone bust

For those who know hunger, giant locusts are an enemy
That may seem dull but are truly quite the adversary
Genetic manipulation is truly an ignoble bit of conspiracy
And in the end this part of the movie is real life tragedy

(c) April 1, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Women of Science History Museum - T Rex & Her Balloons

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