Thoughts On Palm Sunday 2023

Baja Coast - Shadowed Baja Palmistry
Thoughts On Palm Sunday 2023
by Michael Doyle

Every man's life is a conversation
It's in the soul, not the presentation
Palm Sunday is it's own celebration
That turned from hosanna to devastation

Or so perception blinded, yet it gave good
One day at a time, as life is best understood
Life is full of changes moving on the roll
There are shifting tides that tame a soul

Each moment is best taken with composure
With Judases present giving life exposure
Being present at last supper with the body
Yet, praised out in God's blessed homily

With Jesus above, nothing for us is below
Dignity as we live in service for our souls
As he was about to die on that saving cross
Jesus washed feet in victory, not in loss

Praying for Judas is thought a tough goal
Picking up our crosses is how to benefit our souls
Even in the silence of God that makes us wait
All in good time, as eternity graces our fate

Who we say Jesus is the shaper of our experience
The right and wrong spoken is the shared difference
Sometimes we get it right, other times wrong
Still in the body of Christ, we find that we belong

At the Gates of Hell, Jesus preached without doubt
Causing the earth to move to keep sins out
The crowds we walk in may choose bad over the good
In the end, it according to God's plan as understood

Closer and closer, we move into our holy connection
As we pick up our own crosses in reverent veneration
In the end the debt is paid in full as is the rule
And we find Jesus's life provides our greatest school

The pressures of this world are spent make our history
Yet, the grace of God is revealed without any mystery
Open handed as it is for all who choose the path to see
God's love is brought, salvation is given to you and me

(c) April 2, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Moto Bazzi - Chapel At Sunset and Palms

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