Stormfront Awakening

Aural by Bryn Oh and Morlita Quan -Storm Beats Down
Stormfront Awakening
by Michael Doyle

Looking around with any sense of credibility
It would be the rare bird that had the ability
To credibly claim with any sense of the plausible
That politically awakening was something avoidable

All around the stormfront threatens from all sides
The turning point has come harshly and without pride
When slander and ridicule are the Left's favored tools
To turn yet another blind eye in only for the fools

Kavanaugh and Sandmann being hit with sheer fabrication
Should rivet the attention of any thinker in this nation
Who have had the mostly peaceful riots of Summer 2020
Create a flashpoint that feeds itself daily at the ready

The governing class under a guise of justice and equity
Has by and and large become the enemy of American liberty
An antilife deathstyle calls good evil and evil becomes good
While radical propaganda becomes holy writ misunderstood

Leftist spinning turns shooting up a Christian school
As somehow a morality play teaching a new Golden Rule
While editors worry more about mis-gendering than protecting
And completely avoid the hypocrisy they're clearly missing

A party that consists of identity politics and vapid shame
Are holding the real victims of their policies up to blame
Playing at legalities of types of guns as if this rearranges
Anything that will bring the truly needed laws and changes

False equivalencies will not protect those who are unarmed
From the mentally ill criminals who are bent on doing harm
Rhetorical tropes tempt some but do not add up to strategy
That voids the hypocrisy of the morally vapid inconsistency

Let the sleeping reasonable persons awake from their slumber
And push back at the illogical suggestions of mindless hucksters
The America we love must not be allowed to be lost in a fade
Caused by gutter talking of the politically connected shade

Given as if a reasonable voice in a two-tiered justice system
That we as reasonable people must unite to roundly condemn
We need to worry less about anyone's feelings being affronted
And turn back to truth while ensuring reality is confronted

The tortured renderings that pass for so-called reality
Have manufactured a world that is filled with catastrophe
And still we want our children to grow up wise and healthy
We have no choice but to wake up and return to our morality

(c) April 15, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Akimitsu -Storm Coming

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