Wholly Holistic

The Pond - Forever Inside the Water Lilly
Wholly Holistic
by Michael Doyle

Lifting up the name of Jesus above
Living as we do, all His ways of love
It's apparent that we are blessed
Living as we do among the very best

Found in the notes and narrative of song
Are the words that fit as they belong
Why there aren't more, only heaven knows
It's the way of life, in how life grows

The word of life, offers us transformation
That brings appreciation for new information
That brings us faith to reach deeply within
Wanderers that we are as we move past sin

A father's portrait of His child painted by spirit
The truth needed is there if we will only hear it
Justified, just as if I'd never been broken
God's commandments that we have all heard spoken

On the other side of pain is God's holy power
Brought to us in the sermons delivered in an hour
By grace, we come to stand in truest glory
It's there in the storms of living out His story

We are filled with faith in our anticipation
It's in the trust that comes from God's inspiration
With all things worked together for His holy good
When the lives we've led are fully understood

The suffering live through doesn't hold us in shame
We will, with God's good grace, move on past the blame
Sometimes the only way past is in going through
All those many things that challenge us as we do

Praying for wisdom to finally get some things right
Looking for resolution in answers that come to light
The wisdom that comes, sometimes in written pages
But at times we learn to see by working through stages

Falling out of foolishness, touched by the wise we've found
We see their integrity lived as we take a good look around
Though some times we find out best answers come with pain
That costs us in the marks left and were not in vain

There is much beyond the visibly plain measure
That becomes known as we find Heaven holds our treasure
The blips and clips that play out in our presence
Spills out as a lifetime of meaningful presents

Some over others are easier to come to recognize
Because our best learning requires opened eyes
It's a funny thing about a holy life lived in shatters
In the end, win or lose, everything truly matters

Until we have learned it doesn't really mean that much
Somewhere in the shadows of uneasiness and missed hunches
Life has led us correctly if it's been on in which we grow
This then is the secret that we each must come to know

We find that life is meant to be disturbing in opportunity
It is best lived redemptive in the days of our proximity
Even with all the moments that are unfinished in the journey
Traveled as it is as we reach toward our growing maturity

The more we grow, the greater the insight and questions
These are best lived in God's grace without hesitation
The core elements require the wholeness of all aspects
If we are to mature to learn the very best of concepts

In entering the arena, winning itself is overrated
It's how we compete that should be the most celebrated
There really is not true finish, not until we are done
This is the truth of the Father, the Spirit, and the Son

(c) April 16, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
t a b u l a r a s a by Theda Tammas

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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