A Poem for Patriots Day 2023

Juneteenth Celebration - Eiteljorg Museum -  Lincoln Meets Contemporary America
A Poem For Patriots Day 2023
by Michael Doyle

In the heart of every patriot rests a song
In our love of country, under God, as we belong
The foundations are strong and pillars are high
As long as Old Glory ripples across the sky

Other countries come only to fade and pass away
But with eternal vigilance, ours will always stay
It will take the bravery of our people held deep
To stay firm in our republic's principles we keep

This country, will always be the People's country
As we guard it's honor, beauty, and nobility
Though we may pass through some passing dark hour
Pass through it we shall with our exhilarant power

Blessedly bold we live in our freedom and liberty
Born of mankind's troubles borne with rich dignity
Justice in our every stride keeps us walking bold
The culmination of mankind's troubles centuries old

The song of our nation is one of freedom's sweet call
United as a people living under the rule of just law
With all the People protected between coastal gates
We know that the future is ours to make and not fate

The God of our liberty keeps us safe and we are secure
As long as we follow His paths our nation will endure
We stand forever firm in our principles as our light
Guiding us through the darkness of this world's night

This is our place where our good minds are without fear
Where the virtuous know that we will always persevere
As we patriots reverse the course back to clear stream
In that clarity of reason and faith that is the American dream

(c) All Rights Reserved Michael Doyle
April 18, 2023
Learning Virtuale -My America Might Be Ragged, But, She's Still Standing

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