A Cosmogony of Fear

Alien Love Song Too
A Cosmogony of Fear
by Michael Doyle

In a wide sweep of the Temple Apollo
Is the beginning of what the Oracle knows
The things of myth, from the the beginning grow
As the memories of three sisters glows

Imagined become the stories that resonate
Global fears depicted as our weary fate
Imbalances live in our cultural dreams
As the sands of our imagination played on screens

Icons that pass into lurid offense
Play the purpose beyond all our pretense
Seeds of Jupiter release our dread
Of the death rattle heard inside our heads

One scratch, one kiss, one look away
Can bring disaster to our every day
H.P. Lovecraft played with the unknown
At the mountains of madness, it's shown

Space is supposed as silent and dead
But is it? Questions an inquiring head
Is the beginning of the end for humanity
Man's need to know destiny is our vanity

The first images are felt as deplorable
Leading to a counterbalance that's explorable
The Tower of Babel collapses with a scream
Desperation is messy but makes us dream

Like parasitic wasps implanting their embryo
That later bursts out of humans as fears grow
Our dreads feed on us from the depths inside
There in plain view as the very best place to hide

Far beyond, is where we are free to define
Our inner horrors that come for us to refine
A thrilling sense of our inner cosmogony
That becomes in a sense of replacement theology

(c)April 20, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Cornhub  - Fly Saucers and Other Alien Matters - Crash Site

Some may claim it’s a day not well put to use. However, today, I watched Alien again. This brought about a series of five poems. The first of which is reflected above.

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