Funny How Time Slips Away

Impact Mental Health - Spotlight On the Broken Arrows of Time
Funny How Time Slips Away
by Michael Doyle

I was thinking just the other day
Isn't it funny how time slips away?
Somewhere between country and rock
There's need for living by straight talk

Life has its beats and tribulations
Times of sadness and of jubilations
Indulging in moments of retrospection
Even the outlaws know introspection

Three chords played in simple composition
It's pattern of loss but also acquisition
Evocative and enduring across generations
These well worn paths known their veneration

From silky groove intonation to too-cool croon
It takes us by the heart under sun and moon
Canonical versions may live by their authority
But that won't do for those living incendiary

Burning it down to be reborn in imagination
It's the living wealth in every incantation
It's funny how life lived seems to slip away
What was new yesterday needs to change today

Funny and jilted and jazzed in a lovelorn serenade
The emotional impact throws its punch in the shade
Somewhere between well made plans and their end
As these fall apart in a heart that contends

It will live as it must be by our every voice
As we turn from cold and back again without choice
Life knows its turns and bends, nuances and meaning
And it's the same way for nearly every human being

Isn't it funny how it feels like time slips away
Weren't we in a hurry to be older, only just yesterday
Now we want time to slow down to rock another round
Surprised that in the end it's what we've found

Jaded narration runs headlong into the flickered flame
What seems eternal only a moment ago is no longer the same
Heartbroken earnestness is scathed with self-deprecation
While the rest of the world bobs and weaves in appreciation

Too often we are knocked off balance in life's conversation
Sometimes a little confused as we eavesdrop in vindication
Of all the dreams we held to tightly only just yesterday
Thinking, isn't it funny how our time and lives slip away

(c) April 29, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Bunyi 2022 - Gold Dust

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