Transition Versus Change

Der LebensRaum 2020 (The Changes That Have Come)
Transition Versus Change
by Michael Doyle

The Lord knows that it's hard to grow
The paths taken are hard to know
In the midst of life's transitions
It takes a long time to make right decisions

That change our lives as we need
When we find our lives taking seed
The learning curves can be steep
When the processes run are deep

Each change is a matter of letting go
Wheat loses it chaff as the wind blows
To process its way to its fuller meaning
This the process lived by all human beings

The past clings longer than its useful to hold
It's the time to go forward an become bold
Conflicts are the dynamics of living resolution
It's a navigation of the good fight's contribution

Every loss drops its bottom clawed into every soul
But in life there is so much out of our grasping control
As we fight to reach for when we snuck in to survive
As we wrestled and grappled with God just to stay alive

Wrestling is a contact sport having its own set of rules
Each of these in theology is God taking us to school
Each strength fairly given and taken toward a win-win
A thousand hours of preparation before the contact begins

Life is full of this grappling with the heavy questions
Needed to be taken on full-flow without any hesitation
We learn as we go that the need to control is born in fear
Based on the sense of insecurity that creeps in closely near

As life is lived we learn it takes disturbance of what we knew
Since the whispers of the Garden of Eden fell and humanity grew
It's been a series of relationships left behind by our choice
That led to humanity finding its footing and its own voice

Along the way we learn to let go of anger and loosen control
Vengeance is the Lord's and never good for our souls
In our anger, we must give way to Satan and his foothold
Instead we must let go and Let God continue to slowly unfold

As the things that happen and must be brought into the light
Bringing truth forward to make the corners of life made right
Each step toward redemption struggles to find its own space
With the revealing of a need for healing in love's embrace

(c) April 30, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Seasons Change at Peaceful Dreams - Love Pagoda

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