At the End of Life

Blue Finch - The Paths I Travel
At the End of Life
by Michael Doyle

At the end of life's path
As a matter of the simplest math
A good man wishes he has led
His children to right thoughts in their heads

At the end of life's dreams
Filled with love bursting at the seams
A good man hopes he has brought love
And focused thoughts on God above

At the end of life's walk
He hopes his words have been good talk
That have taught lessons well
Bringing truth to every detail

At the end of life's last and all
He hopes his memories will cause recall
Of the righteousness he has taught
It is the everything he has truly sought

But in the end, only the one God knows
If it has all been as vain as the wind blows
Or will the goodness take it roots
As was meant and until his last breath contributes

All is meant to be as best that he can
But after all he knows that he's only a man
Born to do that best but still make mistakes
These are the days of emblazoned heartbreaks

A good man watches his children with love
Whispering his prayers to the one God above
Wishing that his life has served them well
Despite his life being a fractured fairy tale

(c) May 4, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Path to Buchhaim, Zamonia - Counting Every Feather of the Head

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