Trauma and Perspective

Kio Zen Garden -Koi Pond Reflections
Trauma and Perspective
by Michael Doyle

It's a public testimony of faith in baptism
We embrace our faith with optimism
As we join hands in this great conversation
Walking every step toward our destination

Doing the hard work going on in the inside
The core of this is the trauma we cannot hide
Authentically vulnerable pushing against our secrets
We must live each moment with losing to regret

Grace brings us the self that we consciously wear
Through each of the moments, we focused with care
As we take these events in to be reflective
And then living these out in our perspective

It's important to get the story straight
But the things we live through are not our fate
Holding onto those memories that we deeply feel
Brings the flooded moments as if these were still real

In all moments in the well, the temperature is the same
Though unchanged throughout a life lived without blame
It's hard to live a true life disconnected from community
Regardless of the burdens of life's pressing proximity

As individuals, we must carry our loads of responsibility
But in God's community and grace, we find our capability
That we are designed to live in life's full relation
Life is not meant to be lived in the darkness of isolation

Generational gaps fill out life with that is understood
In the perspective of what comes if only we truly would
Live our lives filled with the relationship of community
Sorting out our perspectives and building up God's family

No longer playing by false rules but exposed by the truth
Cherished though humbled by our growth since our youth
Giving ourselves away in that fullest of significance
We become God's creatures in our truest magnificence

It's a relationship filled with true wonder within the grace
As we soberly live within the beauty of God's loving embrace
True repentance brings about that critical restoration
These are the intentional steps in reaching our destination

Life must be lived in righteous step with the Creator
This helps make us ever more mindful of our behaviors
Sometimes we live right; other sometimes we live wrong
But the places we find are right where we truly belong

Focused on the inside, we stride toward our maturity
Learning about ourselves; growing with greater certainty
Vibrantly authentic in all that we come to do and say
There is no autopilot in our living out each day

The same can be said in prayer in its own way
Preciously different in each moment of our days
Holy, righteous, and beloved in God's blessed sight
We must live God's love fully shown in the light

It's a grace matter that anchors and in turn, saves
As we live unpacked until we reach our graves
There's a deep dive into and past perceived reality
That carves and shapes our truest identity

(c) May 7, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Snowdrops Revisted- Reflections On Times Gone By and Times To Come

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