Processing Transformation

New Shoregate - Dirigible Sunset

1 John 3:1-10

Processing Transformation
by Michael Doyle

As the children of God, we know love
Shined down from the heavens above
To know this hope in God in which we will stay
We are forgiven to the extent we no longer stray

We must do right and not fall into the ways of sin
Let this be proclaimed with thanks again and again
It must be considered in our holy transformation
That we process and acquire our information

That will teach us to keep in line with the plan
That will make us each a better woman or a man
It’s all in the application of the best known ways
To live in holiness in all of our best living days

Different people in different sets of circumstances
Need to learn different facts to balance the chance
That things that will be said depend on what we believe
And are fully prepared for that we might yet receive

What is needed bring us to our very best
And to gain the transformation needed to pass the test
Because the thing is that we all live imperfectly
Walking in sinful ways, we notice more significantly

When we truly try to walk the on the righteous pathway
Living out our best attempts at getting it right away
There is so much in life that we openly take and embrace
Until truly saved and seeing below the surface face

It’s an ongoing struggle that we try to push away
But it’s the habits of the flesh that stay with us every day
However, these are dealt with larger and smaller
These are the struggles that make a soul grow taller

Born of God, we will seek to live in holiness
Despite our struggles, born again as we know this
We know that it takes time to reach our maturity
Blessed by the spirit and the word, living holy

(c) May 7, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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