Thought For the Day: We Must Correct the Generationally Failed Social Policies That Have Resulted In the Common Denominator of Most Violence – Fatherless Homes; Abjectly Violent Media. Stop Blaming Guns For Violence.

“We, as a nation, must rise above using the blood of innocents to further our own political agendas while blaming our political opponents for violence. It is time we identified the underlying causes of the epidemic of violence besieging our nation, and determine a path to correct the systemic issues responsible. We must correct the generationally failed social policies that have resulted in the common denominator of most violence — fatherless homes. We must also address the influence that abjectly violent media has on young people, desensitizing the rising generation of sociopaths who then slaughter innocents with no remorse. It is time to stop blaming guns for violence because we all know guns don’t kill people, thugs do.” – Joe Biden

My profound apologies. I was fooled and should have researched this. This quoted material belongs to Mark Alexander from the Patriot Post as what Biden should have said. I thought it very odd that I had not seen or heard Biden say this. But I thought it was something new and didn’t look it up. I apologize that I didn’t fact check the quote where I found it. The information is true. The quote should just be attributed as Mark Alexander’s attempt to help Biden understand the real issues involved.

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