The History That I’m Still Living

A Weekend With the Girls 0829-302020
The History That I'm Still Living
by Michael Doyle

When the winds of change blew through
The march of history became more true
There really wasn't much to say
By those who outgrew their shackles of yesterday

The Wild West became the Wild East
As crime and corruption became another beast
Some still dreamed of restored empire
And invaded their neighbors as if to conspire

With those in the West who did persist
In believing utopian dreams of the Socialists
And failed to see the past, ignoring the history
Of how all such dreams became nothing but tyranny

And that even the Fabians became capitalist
When given the chance to successfully resist
Mankind is meant for freedom and liberty
Not cracked ideals and self-chosen slavery

We'll be kept in cages only so long
Before the stubborn facts show, as these belong
The evidence demands a verdict favoring liberty
As long as some are brave and hold out for dignity

There is only so long that even fools dance to lies
We are only so blind as to fall for false alibis
As we drink to the memories of yesterday
And watch as a few try to throw away

All that our forefathers have died for
All of the causes of freedom, we cannot ignore
Until we, the determined and persistent few
Fight the good fight for what is right and true

(c) May 12, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Indiana State Museum - Natural History Section

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