In Processes Already Fought and Lost

LEA 19: No Frontiers - Targetted Approach
In Processes Already Fought and Lost
by Michael Doyle

There stuck in the muddle of succession
Were hints of insight from past elections
Inside stories to elections that were lost
Stolen as it were to the People's cost

Fury builds to crescendo spilling into riot
Where the elite wish the masses to be quiet
Preached as if inspired by classics inspired rage
Where theories of how things "should be" fill the page

Limited abilities are still able to carry the night
Filled with angst, frustration, and timeless slight
If only the stench could be washed from the hair
When listless-wonders blunder on without any care

There are temptations questioning the founts of power
Filling the moments that make up the news hour
There is a lot of swag to be delivered on the take
Toward the questions that life and art frame and shake

Information is shared like the finest of wines, but more
It is hoarded and kept in the dark until unleashed like war
Use at that critical moment to smash into someone's face
Like a weapon of mass media-destruction we all love to embrace

Checking all such weapons at the director's caged gate
Spilled across the set like it was all intended fate
There are steps to the waltz that resemble a slower dance
Until reassembled as needed in a moment's circumstance

It's easy to ignore all the facts for the incendiary stuff
All it takes is the appearance of cool heads to edge into bluff
Words tumble out so carelessly as if it was all natural
That's the way of the politically wicked for all they're capable

It's a riff game of madness, wondering who can ever top this
In a steady beat of fabrications that hit target and cannot miss
Until finally there is an extensive investigation and it's true
Now isn't that funny how truth can really change the point of view

(c) May 15, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Uri Jefferson's Freakshow - Target Practice

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