Da Vinci’s Glow

Da Vinci's Glow
by Michael Doyle

It is said that the Master of All Trades
Was a miracle worker coming up all spades
He said that every painting is visual poetry
And all poetry is a masterpiece verbally

What others glimpse, the artist learns to see
In all that is heavens above there is no mystery
That God is the greatest artist in great simplicity
It's a matter of recognizing sophistication magically

It's the little minds that fear and a quickly shrink
While braver souls look to the heavens and think
As they look on the earthshine of the moon's ashen glow
Stargazers marvel at the sight Da Vinci was first to know

The new moon causes the earth to catch reflection in night
There visually before us, the sun's ghost shines its light
In mistaken gesture, Da Vinci attributed this to the ocean
But the true cause found was the clouds above in motion

Iridescent, Da Vinci's glow captures the crescent moon true
As late spring wafts in the air bringing summer into view
Like an ancient riddle that brings joy even without resolution
It is easily seen out beyond the city's light pollution

Eyes watch as the old moon falls into the new moon's open arms
Displayed before us all, the night skies reveal these charms
Bringing light into the dark that becomes a ghostly light
In a darkness swallowed brighter than the full moon's sight

Sometimes error can seem truer than right at least mentally
As proven when the astronauts strode onto the Sea of Tranquility
Written in the moon dust, is the whisper Leonardo was here
And the mistakes embraced are mere quibbles to be made clear

(c) May 16, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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