First Principles: All the Children Are Trained Up To This Kind of Knowledge: They Are Accustomed From Their Earliest Years To Read the Holy Scriptures

 “Among the customs which are universal among the people, in all parts of the state, one that seems worthy of remark, is, the attention that is paid to the education of children. The aim of the parent, is not so much to have his children acquainted with the liberal arts and sciences; but to have them all taught to read with ease and propriety; to write a plain and legible hand; and to have them acquainted with the rules of arithmetic, so far as shall be necessary to carry on any of the most common and necessary occupations of life.”

“All the children are trained up to this kind of knowledge: They are accustomed from their earliest years to read the Holy Scriptures, the periodical publications, newspapers, and political pamphlets; to form some general acquaintance with the laws of their country, the proceedings of the courts of justice, of the general assembly of the state, and of the Congress, &c. Such a kind of education is common and universal in every part of the state.” – Samuel Williams, a professor at Harvard College, wrote about the importance of education in The Natural and Civil History of Vermont in 1794

Notice a few things from that which is presented here. First, that the Holy Scriptures were a regular and considered necessary part of a child’s education. This removes any doubt that the American republic rests on a Christian foundation. But also notice that in this illustration, we have three mothers in the corner observing the education of their children. This pretense that parents have no right to oversee the education of their children has no grounding in the history and tradition of our nation. Parents have every right and should exercise this right diligently. It is the parents and not the government who are ultimately responsible for the education, manners, morals, and welfare of their children.

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