The Spaces Between

Biology Club - Seth's Holiday Party
The Spaces Between
by Michael Doyle

In all the paradigms that are shifted
The moral compasses that have drifted
The zeros, the ones, and those in-between
Afford the perfected moments as human beings

Would it only be that all things of clarity
Were as equal and equitable as sincerity
But there are differences between male and female
Thank God for that wholistic aspect of the tale

There are inherent advantages present in biology
In which each is better than the other with dignity
Held for each who has truly fought for their best
It's the doing of the best that marks the passing test

This basic truth shouldn't be flashpoints of ideology
As one side plays distortions of political identity
This transcends the games of self-righteous feelings
And comes down to the nitty-gritty of performance ceilings

As a youth grows this gulf deepens as the plot thickens
And isn't the same game as the first-ness of eggs and chickens
But very real and observable moments that deal in potential
It's empirically stamped with genuine scientific credential

There is one overwhelming driver in this gender biology
It is the magic found within the stage called puberty
The hormones flow and despite any sort of known strategy
The zenith of testosterone wins over in its trajectory

This is easily tested in it every day, steady in occurrence
Males have the advantage in speed, power, and endurance
But the gap lessens when it comes to contests of skill
We should keep this in mind when it comes to political will

This all comes down to accepting the limits of biology
Something that cannot be bested by wrong-minded ideology
Women should be given space, resources, and full opportunity
And these sorts of questions should be faced with integrity

(c) May 18, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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