First Principles: Each Person Having A Fixed Fundamental Right Born With (Them) As To the Freedom of Their Person and Property…Which…Cannot Be Deprived

(E)ach man having a fixed Fundamental Right born with him as to the Freedom of his Person and Property in his Estate, which he cannot be deprived of, but either by his consent, or some Crime for which the Law has Imposed such a Penalty as Forfeiture.” – Henry Care, English Liberties (1680)

This is a source of the beginning not only of the capsulation of the rights of Englishmen but also of the petition first brought before George III as our petition to the king regarding the deprivation of our rights as Englishmen that the then king chose to ignore. These deprivations led directly to the American Revolution as was our fundamental right as given by God and also part of English Common Law. Let this never be forgotten.

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