Prayerful Contemplation

Calvary Chapel SL - Good Word From the Pulpit

Based on Matthew 26:40

Prayerful Contemplation
by Michael Romani

Hard to imagine, Father
How you suffered
For your sons and daughters
There in the garden
When the anguish hardened
No holiness buffered
The pain felt inside
From which He could not hide

Implied in the implication
Related in its complication
Is how He spent His time
Humbly and so sublime
Caught up in communing prayer
In an intensity beyond compare
Breathing in the Lord's essence
Praying without ceasing in His presence

On my knees in humbled deliberation
Soul driven without any hesitation
Despite the moments that I grumble
Lost up in all my worldly stumbles
Lifted up in devoted supplication 
Nudged into subtle appreciation
As the Holy Spirit speaks softly to me
In honest communication so deliberately

Closed eyes in earnest, focused attention
Exercised in my prayerful contemplation
Speaking to the Lord in close one on one
Living for the His answers to be done
To all of my questions and appreciation
Focused on the Word to find my inspiration
It's there in those moments of quiet reflection
That I find my guidance and Holy direction

(c) June 28, 2017 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Calvary Chapel SL - Cliffside Garden



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