First Principles: Action Plan – The Great Renewal

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Every society has a fabric in which every thread works together to bring about a finished, lasting and dignified governance.  During my lifetime, my fellow citizens and I have watched society’s fabric undergo a great unraveling. The changes brought about have cut into this nation’s soul.  From what was once from many into one has become from one into separate and divided sections of conflicting interests.  In short, the very factions that our forefathers warned again.

What is needed today is to set out on a course of a great renewal.  The problem seems to be not that we do not know this.  We do.  It is that so few want to or know how to take the steps to renew our commitment to the republic our founders established.  No longer should we meekly stand by while being told we should not be patriotic; that we should not pray; and we should in short stop being American.  We may have our faults.  We’ll correct these.  But there is a lot be proud of in being American and we should be steadfast and true to these things.

Some suggestions that we can as citizens do are the following:

  1. Instead of letting corrupted pieces of mostly fiction inform our history we should read accurate histories of our Founding Fathers and their times.  It is time to be proud and patriotic.  We must school ourselves on the facts, quotes and historical references while refuting garbage inferences.  We must answer falsehood with truth.
  2. We must show our patriotism in the public square.  This is especially true around civic holidays.  Posting memes on social medium, discussing our history, The public square is public.  It is time we start using it.  If Neo Marxist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters, we should join protective ranks around our elders and refuse to be intimidated again.
  3. There have been enough minor liberal heroes elevated to statures of reverence beyond that which they have earned.  It is time that we the people elevate those who pulled their weight and then some.  These are the heroes who have built the foundations of America.  An example of this that comes to mind most immediately is a long time hero of mine.  Consider the journey of Frederick Douglas versus Martin Luther King, Jr. please.  Then tell me which man set in motion the larger swathe of the civil rights movement.  Nothing against Dr. King, but, facts are facts.
  4. Instead of sticking our kids in front of electronic baby sitters or putting them in the failing groups who have abandoned their standards and founding principles (BSA and GSA), it is time to put them in groups like Trail Life, USA and American Heritage Girls.
  5. Take the kids on patriotic family vacation.  What better way is there to show the kids the reasons for being patriotic than to take them to where all of this took place. Even if you cannot get to Freedom Trail in Boston or the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, I bet no matter where you live that you’re not too far away from living the history that has made this a great country.

Lady Liberty Salutes America

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