Mr. Bevis

Continuing work in progress toward fulfilling my promise to my eldest angel, Mr. Bevis is a poem in the Twilight Zone series.  Season 1, episode 33 for 33 out of 36 poems this year.  My angel says that she’ll let me slide after that the 36th poem is finished.  I say this continues through the years until it’s either done and a poem is written for each episode or I can no longer write.  A promise made is a promise and a promises are meant to be kept, always…

Anduril - Through The Camera's Eye

Mr. Bevis
by Michael Romani

Deep within the sanctum of the inner eye
There are places that can make you sigh
Where the hurdy-gurdy man plays the monkey's dance
And children laugh and play while they have the chance
Casually, the indoor oddball man sips his tea
Discombobulated Mr. Bevis makes an art of eccentricity 

His life is the mish mash of a floating crap game
But without his warm kindness, the world would be lame
Crippled, even if saner; he shuffles down to the street
With a whistle and a smile for all that he meets
One block away from Lady Luck again turning her back
It is because of his sense of conformity that he lacks

A dollar short and in the habit of always running late
His appointment with the boss ends in his usual fate
As one disaster after another walks his way
Today was just another of a string of one of those days
Fired, the bartended sets him up with some intestinal fortitude
Who knew five drinks would bring an angel with attitude

A guardian angel really has no time for sitting and drinking
He wishes the eccentric young man would do more thinking
As reward for an act of long ago greatness and courage
The angel would choose one from each passing generation to encourage
The angel's job is to be Mr. Bevis' quietly, devoted servant
In doing this, it is his first job to be ever so observant

The spring had been sprung from Mr. Bevis's walk
And the joy had been removed from his once happy talk
The would be no more zither music or old bow ties
Instead a sharp dressed suit would make the girls sigh
And there with the timely arrival of his new convertible
Mr. Bavis is appraised an praised as being quite capable

Bevis's world was suddenly going a bit much too right
To everyone else's taste but it was not to his delight
Not to be ungracious but he thrives on being himself
He would rather dress in his glad rags than be top shelf
But, suddenly there it is, he's got a smile on his face
And it's not one that he will allow anyone else to replace

The things he loves he loves and makes him feel alive
It's the best of him that truly makes his thrive
Certainly, it might be a much simpler kind of life
But, it's filled with love and laughter enough to suffice
There's a lot of magic found in a child's sweet smile
And that the kind of magic that makes all else worth the while

(c) September 11, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Niamh's Journey of Dreams --The Knowing Eyes of the Forest


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