A Renewal of Vows Yet To Be Spoken

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A Renewal of Vows Yet To Be Spoken
by Michael Romani

The price for my sins
Comes back to haunt me again
And again...and yet again
Until, I cannot pretend

That I'll ever be the same
And while, I have only myself to blame
I look away in anguish and shame
For my part once played in a bittersweet game

A game that has only losing sides
Everyone the victim of overbearing pride
Broken down and beaten inside
The price of letting you collide

With a past that I cannot undo
Yet finding my heart is a part of you
If only I had had a clue
That I cannot be me, not without you

You came into my life with your own regrets
Things said and done that you'll never forget
I knew our love a gamble and willingly take that bet
Knowing that my heart cries for you and if you'd let

Let me be the man who gets to love you forever
I know in my heart that I would be the man who never
Allows you to slip through my broken fingers
But would hold you tight at least as long as my life lingers

And until at least my last drawing of breathe
Live a life of love with you at least until my death
There is not a moment that I don't feel you inside
And don't know that I'll be your poet as long as you're my bride

No, I cannot change my yesterdays filled with sorrow
But, I can promise you, and God, my every tomorrow
And this thing I say, I would and do fully do
Knowing that my every last heartbeat I freely give to you

(c) October 21, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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