My Daughters’ American We

American Graffitti -  The Price of Freedom

My Daughters' American We
by Michael Romani

Looking on the America of today
With all of its conflicts in the way
It reminds me of post Revolution life
Ablaze with near anarchy and civil strife

We of today should be under little confusion
The unity we've stood for has always been illusion
Competing interests have always been more the norm
As we have sought to find ways to more or less conform

We did not slip into an easy peace
Nor, then did we find man willing to appease
Instead, we very nearly broke apart
And that's how it has been since the very start

Last night as I watched my youngest daughter
Performing in a school musical, I was a proud father
Loving how she belted out about an "American We"
There's a sense of pride in my patriotic family

I watched her searching eyes probe the audience
Seeking out her father's approval and preference
Something easily gained as I watch her grow
Loving her no less than her sister; and they both know

They both know my firm set of beliefs
And those things that give me grief
They and I stand for God, family and country
Embracing our essence in our call to duty

But, they also know my insistence on truth
I have endowed this in them since their youth
As I have never allowed this to be compromised
And lies bring quiet wrath to be realized

Still, I have also instilled a sense of fairness
And a belief that a better America prevails for this
So, it brings to me happiness to hear her sing
Knowing her eyes are set on these noblest of things

That all Americans should live in liberty
Each of us inheriting a strong love of country
It's a blessing to see her proud eyes look out on me
As she sings in honor of my time of service in the Navy

There is something in raising my American daughters
A blessing that swells in being their fortunate father
Last night belonged to my youngest and her generation
Snapping to, I stood at attention, holding her in veneration

So very blessed to know that she will hold true to our ways
That she and her kind will keep America free beyond my days
There is a boldness in her style and love in her sweet smile
That's made all the difference and all I've done worth while

(c) November 10, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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