We, In This Post-Modern World

Fantasy Faire -Dawn's Promise

We, In This Post Modern World
by Michael Romani

Immersing ourselves in destruction
We swim with unflinching gaze
Indiscriminate in our ill defined function
We act to demystify our unsettled days

Penetrating the surface of reality
No longer collaborating with modernity
We've escaped past all of this illusion
No longer willingly serving the confusion

This walking paradox is quietly spoken
As we look about us at all things broken
Caught up in overwhelming pessimism
Strolling past all of the post modern criticism

We find ourselves searching for meaning
Self assured and unpublished in our being
We are a creation of inane dysfunction
Lost in the leisure of a society that barely functions

Each of us exists in our fictional surreality
In a stream of random terms of reality
Adrift in the correspondences in our minds
Each of us determined to not be left behind

Left behind in lives that are no longer dictated
Lived in rote but instead more or less things created
No longer conducted in sets of linear terms
Yet, still somehow far more disciplined and stern

A place where troubles and hopes slip into overwhelm
Where control of life is given over to imaginary realms
In an inner world where minds meet and begin to merge
Mankind gives over our morality to our every urge

Future life emerges as a chain of harnessed events
Less subjected to irrational external incidents
And more as an impression of disembodied care
Our life has become an uneasy marriage of reasoned nightmare

(c) November 16, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Enchantment - Manichino





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