21st Century Twilight Zone

A Cross to Bear Into the Twilight

21st Century Twilight Zone
by Michael Romani

In these times of post-modern days
On might wonder about how morality plays
From another century still have relevance
A look, however, will evidence the prevalence
That such lessons still remain and stay
And that there are lessons to learn in every way

The small towns still have a lot to say
Especially, in the noise and chaos of modern day
Where near daily we learn how bullies unchecked
Can cause a lot of damage in lives wrecked
There is a resemblance of tantrums unrestrained
That presage the spillage of anger that leave society strained

A society that perceives slights at every turn
Is and remains on with many lessons to learn
We've constructed prisons out of our own delusions
Where instead of joyous hope, we live in confusion
The ultimate truth with which we are faced
Is that there one is no one who cannot be replaced

Or, is that thought really all that true
Because it seems to me there is only one you
And you and I, we yearn for that comfortable past
In that sense of community, we wish would last
Tired the intensely paranoid and gory
We look for whimsical tales of suspense as our story

It is the impulsive yearning for an old school morality
That has become its own special immortality
This is what has made the Twilight Zone necessary
In these hardened times we are more than ready
Once again, we are simply seeking to somehow survive
Knowing that we must be civilized to stay alive

Not so hidden beneath the surface is the tendency 
To revert to the savagery as our first pendency
Such awareness is at once as prophetic
As we would believe it somehow banished and anachronistic
It turns out over and over, the true monsters are humanity
To assert other wise is most often just sheer vanity

There's a good place in these electric dreams
Colored as they are despite black and white scenes
So much of our visions today are owed to the traces
Leading back to a Twilight Zone of faces and places
Consumed as a culture rephrasing these old parables
Hoping and praying for in the assurances of our fables

(c) December 21, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL13B Electrify Landscape -   Cammino e Vivo Capovolto  - Negtive Twilight



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